low back pain

Low back pain || Sciatica || Cervical spondylosis ||
Knee pain || Tennis elbow || Frozen shoulder || Fibromyalgia || Migraine

Pain management

Our goal at Acupuncture wellness space is to provide you with effective pain relief while addressing the root cause of the condition whether acute or chronic.
Pain of musculo – skeletal origin is commonly due to injuries, overuse of a joint, muscle or tendon and degenerative conditions.
Acupuncture therapy in mumbai works well for pain relief by reducing inflammation, calming the nervous system, regulating pain signals to the brain, stimulating the body’s release of endogenous pain killers and aiding tissue regeneration. This leads to improved range of movement of the affected joint (low back pain, knee pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, etc) as well as improved functionality such as ease in climbing the stairs, lifting something, performing self care activities, etc. Depending on the age, severity, associated risk factors and assessment of your biomechanics, treatment may be a combination of needling, electro acupuncture, cupping or gua sha along with postural corrections and customised workout routine.
Eventually we help you to chart out an appropriate maintenance plan to ensure that pain and injuries don’t recur.