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Migraine is a neurological pain condition that causes debilitating headaches (usually one sided), and is often accompanied by nausea, vomiting, throbbing sensation in the eyeball and photo/ sound sensitivity. It typically may last for a few hours to a few days. Genetic and environmental factors play a major role in causation.
Conventional medications may help during an attack but Acupuncture and the appropriate lifestyle modifications can help prevent further incidents of migraine in the future.

Causative Factors :

As per Classical Chinese Medicine, migraine is commonly encountered in people with the Liver-Gallbladder bio-psychotype, i.e. their predominant element is WOOD. Anger, frustration, indecisiveness are all emotional triggers for the liver energy to act up and cause internal heat. In women, this may also be manifested in the form of painful menstrual cycles.
Red flag: Any headache with fever, fainting episode, seizure, neck stiffness, ENT bleed or projectile vomiting could be a medical emergency and needs radiological investigations and blood work.

Methodology :

As per Classical Chinese Medicine, regular Acupuncture sessions in the long run promote production and circulation of Qi, blood and body fluids as well as aid the transformation process by eliminating toxins through sweat, urine and faeces. This, in turn optimises immunity, improves appetite, energy levels and sleep, regularises bowel movements and helps manage stress better.

The safety profile of acupuncture is excellent, with very few adverse events when performed by a trained practitioner.
As no two patients are alike, the duration of the treatment vastly depends on the patient’s age, health habits and the severity of the condition.