The literal translation of Mettā (Pali canon) is practicing loving-kindness but the essence is to equip people, so they can look after themselves with ease and have the happiness of independence and self-reliance. Goodwill is better than love, -Thanissaro Bhikkhu


I am Shashi Rawat MBBS., MD (Acupuncture), a registered doctor with the Medical Council of India.
My channel Mettā (translates to practising benevolence) is a scientifically researched medical awareness and education platform to promote healthy conversations around medicine and dispel misbeliefs.
This information is factual, patient-empowering, comprehensive, transparent and unified by incorporating the best of all medical streams.


To question :

The current healthcare challenges that we face in India.

To seek :

Solutions pertaining to our way of life which is sustainable.

To connect :

Healthcare professionals to the general public.

To curate :

Useful and applicable medical information on a given disease.

To empower :

People to make well-informed medical decisions.


Mettā is a digital educational channel that showcases curated healthcare information through written and audiovisual media.
The sole purpose is to analyse the challenges in current medical practices, seek answers pertaining to the Indian way of life amongst practitioners and simplistically summarise such that it can act as a medium:

Children's Health Series :

First aid measures :

Public health issues :

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome Series :

Menstruation :

Male sexual health & Fertility :

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phone: +91 98203 80361

Copyright © Metta 2020
All Rights Reserved